Whether you need to replace, repair or install a fence line; we can move the trees to make it easier for you and your animals.  Or perhaps your machinery is bigger than it used to be, we have the machine for that!

The Environment

It matters to BCC.  Not only is our tree mulcher fast, but because of the design of the mulcher, the tree mulch is ground into a much finer mulch causing a faster deterioration of the woody material, thus making better soil for your property and less erosion!  It also leaves a beautiful carpet of wood mulch for your tree area or trails and slow growth of future vegetation.

The Equipment

Heavy equipment can ruin the landscape and overall terrain you paid for by uprooting large roots and tearing at the ground.

Our equipment has very low ground pressure, cutting trees, leaving the root and causing the ground to remain and tact.

By leaving the tree roots the end result is your ground is left in tact and covered with a mulch from the trees thereby preventing erosion.

What is so great about mulch anyway?

It's the same principle why people pay money for mulching around the trees and shrubs.  Besides the aesthetic value, the ground covering mulch allows rainwater to only seep through the mulch giving the ground a level amount of water penetration preventing the washing away of soil causing deep grooves in the soil and washing away the soil that can lead to root exposure and kill off the vegetation you actually want.


Additionally the cover of mulch prevents unwanted vegetation

from germinating in the soil below for a few years.  The amazing thing about this one step process is we take the trees down and they get mulched right on the spot for your use in seconds!