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Forestry mulching with this new technology is simply the fastest and most cost effective ways to clear your land and is surpassing the traditional methods of bulldozing and drum style mulching of trees.  With the advanced technology of our new machine,​ mulching is a unique single step process of cutting  down and (grinding) mulching trees and unwanted vegetation.  What is left behind is most natural to the environment material mulch that is beneficial both environmentally and aesthetically.



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We are excited to be the FIRST in Northeast SD to have this amazing technology!  This mulcher is our number one source of use because of its ability to mulch smaller and faster than the conventional drum mulchers. Saving time saves you money! Mulching smaller makes a better trail and helps even more with erosion.  With no need to bulldoze, you can keep the terrain in tact, no need for permits, hauling or burning.  Take a look at how this mulcher compares the the regular drum style to get an idea of how fast this really is.
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Looking underneath

Reduction Shroud System—acts like a vacuum and moves the material into the cutting teeth which results in faster production and finer mulch size.